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Nourish the Skin. Feed the Soul.

Consciously-created, with clinically-proven ingredients, for internal & external rejuvenation restoring healthy, radiant skin.


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

Revered plant medicines, clinically-proven cosmeceutical actives, and our proprietary energy ceremony unified to deliver powerful, holistic results for glowing skin.

Who WE Are

Water Is Not A Filler

A lifeforce with the ability to receive, store & share information, water serves as the ultimate vessel for Priya’s sacred energy ceremony and and our body’s deepest hydration.


The Ultimate Lineage Of Healing

Our Formula

Created With Intention


"It's like a magic bullet"

Three days after I started using the serum, I caught myself staring at my skin in the rearview mirror while driving to work. My face was suddenly smooth and much less oily. It's like this magic bullet for pore size, oil production, skin tone, smoothness.

Stephanie D


The most magical, anti-inflammatory, healing serum I have EVER tried — and I’m a beauty editor.

Jessica O

"Game changer"

I have been searching for a product that would help with any redness and inflammation and this IS IT! I get monthly facials and my esthetician is amazed at the improvement in my overall skin tone and texture.

Kendra H


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Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products

A Higher Standard

From mindfully-sourced plant botanicals, to clean, clinically-certified science actives, Priya holds itself to the highest standards, in service to Women and Earth.


Our Mission To You

At Priya, we hold a deep belief that every woman is beautiful, and our intention is to ignite that remembrance in every cell of your being.

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