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Creating Ritual

Through ritual we enter a state of timelessness, and expand the parameters of our current perception of reality.


To us, the need for developing a skincare regimen goes beyond the habitual benefits and offers an opportunity to take a mindful moment for reconnection with ourselves. Tuning into your inner-world is an intentional act of self-love, and what we aim to facilitate with our products is a new frontier in the merger of wellness and beauty. 

Ritual gives meaning to the moment and brings a quiet to our over-burdened mind. It’s in this stillness that we can hear the whispers of our heart and we begin to dance with its inner music. As we dance we tune into our inner strength and remember our innate value; our true beauty comes from within. In that inherent knowing is where our joy and our power lies. Cultivating this is how our inner light can shine most brightly.  It is also how our skin most radiantly glows. 

We invite you to cultivate this presence during your morning and evening ritual of self care. As you apply our offerings to your skin, allow a slowing down to occur. Move more intentionally using all your senses to engage a deeper consciousness and awareness. Feel the sensations of your fingers conducting energy as you lovingly touch your face. Breathe in the scents of the sacred aromatherapies such as Rose Geranium and Sandalwood. Each one anointing you with their magic.

Take a moment every day to bask in your inherent value. Let this skincare be in service of your inner light as much as your outer one. The more sacred moments you allow yourself the more you tell the Universe: “I love myself and I’m open to the magic that is flowing in every moment.” 



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