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Our Commitment

Skincare is our promise, and wellness is our ultimate mission. That wellness extends from people to the planet. We are one. So making products that are safe to both people and the planet is our deepest commitment. But does that mean we have to give up on efficacy? Absolutely not! We’ve created products that are safe AND work.

Our commitment is to work with the highest quality, most responsibly sourced, yet exceedingly effective, clean ingredients while also supporting certain necessary functions like preserving the products from contamination and bacteria, and providing a reasonable shelf life to reduce waste. Through a lot of work and time we are proud to have achieved both.

Clean to us means safe.  We screen every ingredient for hazards including cancer, reproductive, neuron, organ, and developmental toxicity, hormone disruptors, and ingredients environmental impact. We do not use any GMO’s or animal sourced ingredients, and are proud to be vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. We also believe in transparency, that is why we’ve included our complete ingredient list and thoroughly explain why we use each ingredient and where you can find that ingredient within our offerings. We want you to be empowered, to know what you put in your body and on our skin, and why we use it.


Going Beyond is Our Standard

Our Commitment

From the beginning of our first formulation we consulted the Environment Working Group (EWG) database of 152,546 chemicals. This list is compiled from over 60 toxicity and regulatory global databases. The EWG is a non for profit organization comprised of scientists, policy experts, lawyers, and data researches that “work tirelessly to change the broken chemical laws and push others to stand against chemicals of concern.”

The U.S. Government does not review products before they are sold, and they haven’t passed a single major federal law regulating the safety of ingredients in personal care products since 1938! The EWG began in 2004 as a way to support consumers to make educated decisions about what they put into and on their bodies. Included in their database is the EU banned 1,000 list. We have gone well beyond the U.S. Government list and this is and always will be a core ethos of Priya. 

For more information please consult the EWG/Skin Deep List. 


There’s Natural and Organic and Then There Is Safe.

Before the birth of Priya we always preferred products that were natural and organic. When we asked ourselves why it always came back to safety. We wanted to protect our bodies and the planet. We are one ecosystem. When we started Priya our goal was to use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, and that will never change. But for us it's ultimately about safety with the highest efficacy. So this means we also include nontoxic, science based active cosmeceuticals. On the journey to creating this balance of safety and efficacy, we’ve observed a few important facts shaping how Judit formulated our offerings, and we want to share them with you.

First, every single matter is a chemical - including the Earth and everything in it and on it - which means our bodies too!  So know that chemicals are not bad, it’s just a matter of which chemicals are being used. Secondly, some ingredients may sound more "natural" but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. For instance, mineral oil sounds innocuous enough, but is actually a by-product of petroleum when converted into gasoline. That is an example of one of many natural ingredients we don’t use. Conversely, sometimes an ingredient that sounds questionable is actually plant derived and very safe! Phenylethyl alcohol is a good example. It is one of hundreds of chemical components found in roses. 


Lastly, we’ve never understood the notion that if it’s an ingredient you can’t eat, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. We wouldn’t want to eat a peptide or shea butter but that doesn’t mean they’re not safe and hugely effective in skincare. So why not use them?

Speaking of efficacy, while we subscribe to less is more with ingredients, our ultimate goal is to create skincare that works, is safe, and sustainable and long lasting. This drives our how we create our formulations versus a marketing message coming first. Creating the most effective skincare drives us, not trends.

80% of our ingredients are plant based or plant derived, and are chosen based on a proven lineage of use over thousands of years, dating back to the Egyptians. For the safe cosmeceutical actives we look for those with scientific research behind them. Lastly being water based, our formulas preservation system is critical to ensure a longer shelf life and prevent microorganism growth.  This extensive journey created formulas using both plants and lab made ingredients that allow us to eliminate agents like EDTA and phenoxyethanol and keep the formulas safe and effective and reducing waste from rancidity.  



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