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"At Priya We Have A Deep Belief That Every Woman Is Beautiful."  

This is the heart and soul of who we are. A sisterhood of spirits bound by the belief that self-love is the foundation of beauty, and the unequivocal starting point to create more beauty in ourselves and the world. Our mission is to ignite that remembrance in every cell of your being, and radiate this out in your skin.  

Priya Apotheca intends to write a new chapter in the story of how we age, unveiling the awareness within you of just how brightly you and your skin shine when you become divinely whole again.

You are ageless.



The Sacred Science Of Beauty 

Priya is a results driven, clean skincare line emphasizing effective formulation through the integration of water soluble botanicals and CBD, proven science cosmeceuticals, and energetic frequencies. Our goal is to transform skin both topically and at the cellular level while also elevating the inner spirit. 

Co-Founder and formulator Dr. Judit Kiss, both a Pharmacist and Cosmetic Chemist, is also studied in Traditional Chinese Medicine, sound frequency healing, and attuned in Reiki.  Combining all of these disciplines for a complete mind, body, spirit approach to skin comprises the backbone of our formulas. One that understands science and spirit not as distinct but as a united force to create our healthiest, most vibrant skin. 



Built on 15 years of scientific research our proprietary formulas maximize what we see as the four chief pillars of skin. These are not based on trends, constantly changing "of-the-moment" ingredients, or a marketing story but on scientific principals that never change and when consistently cultivated create our most optimal skin health and luminous glow.  Together these pillars create The Alchemy of Skin Radiance. 

HYDRATION The fundamental core to healthy skin.  Our formulas both reintroduce hydration with over 10 unique ingredients as well as prevent moisture loss using 3 distinct forms. Humectants that retain moisture, and emollients and occlusives to repair the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss. Together this extensive approach rejuvenates the skin by improving elasticity, removing toxins, and carrying nutrients to the cells creating more plump, vibrant skin that is smooth, soft, and has visibly less wrinkles.  

INFLAMMATION  The most common reason our skin ages more quickly is due to low grade chronic inflammation.  It creates redness and irritation and is also the root cause of many skin issues.  The basis of our complex formulas begins with the powerful anti-inflammatory CBD and then builds with more than 20 additional anti-inflammatories.  This comprehensive approach stimulates the skin's natural repair response reducing the activation of enzymes that damage the skin and breakdown structural collagen, as well as reducing redness and irritation that can trigger other skin concerns. 


OXIDATION Free radicals from environment, including UV rays attack the DNA of the cells resulting in the decline of texture, hyperpigmentation, and a breakdown of the top protective layer of skin.  By utilizing over 30 potent antioxidants including CBD, our formulas support the cellular regeneration process that increases elasticity, collagen, and smoother texture skin while also protecting from further damage like dark spots and discoloration to keep skin healthy and reducing premature lines. 

ENERGY AS MEDICINE Quantum physics long ago proved all things in the world (even stationary objects) are actually energy vibrating at a specific frequency. Today Stanford scientists are conducting multiple studies on physical repair mechanisms in the body through sound frequencies, including repairing heart tissue. With water being a conductor that can receive and pass on information including sound frequencies we've pioneered a proprietary approach to skincare that imbues healing energy frequencies into our water based formulas in the form of sound vibrations, mantras, and Reiki. 



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