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"At Priya we have a deep belief that every woman is beautiful."

This is the heart and soul of who we are. A sisterhood of spirits bound by the belief that self-love is the foundation of beauty, and the unequivocal starting point to create more beauty in ourselves and the world. Our mission is to ignite that remembrance in every cell of your being, and radiate out in your skin.  

Priya Apotheca intends to write a new chapter in the story of how we age, unveiling the awareness within you of just how brightly you shine when you become divinely whole again.

You are ageless.



"Created by a Pharmacist and Master Herbalist."

From this union an evolutionary path of skincare emerged that entwines ancient plants of a 5000 year old lineage with modern, safe, clinically proven cosmeceutical actives, and energetic frequencies.

Our products and our practices are born of ancient wisdom & modern science, intended to promote internal & external healing while elevating self care for the mind, body, and spirit.

To us, connecting within is just as important as what you put on your skin, which is why our rituals and formulations are created with both top of mind. We are committed to writing a new chapter in the story of how we age through a mindful selection of carefully vetted, clinically-certified ingredients and a daily emphasis on intentional self-care.



Priya’s origin is a very purposeful journey that began in a plant medicine ceremony. While in this sacred space pharmacist Judit Konrad received the inspiration that her life's work was with the cannabis plant. However, Priya’s roots were planted long before. 

In 2009 Judit left both her native homeland of Hungary and her career as a compounding pharmacist and journeyed to the U.S. Upon arrival she transitioned into cosmetic chemistry and within 2 years was running a lab making products for brands including Estée Lauder, MAC, and Smashbox.  During this time she felt called to expand her knowledge into Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2013 she healed her husband’s debilitating case of Vertigo in three days with the natural remedy of cannabis. This became the catalyst for a deeper understanding of its powerful healing science and anti-inflammatory benefits of this plant. After her ceremony in 2016 she became certified in cannabis production. Shortly thereafter a close friend reached out with facial dermatitis, and once again, Judit’s first choice of medicine was creating a topical with cannabis, which cured her symptoms.

While sitting in a separate plant ceremony she was brought together with Lori Barron. During Lori's 16 years with MAC Cosmetics she became an acupuncturist and master herbalist and saw the benefits as she sometimes treating patients with CBD.  With this knowledge as well as the shared belief that true beauty is a holistic practice of the mind, body, and spirit, together they concepted the foundation of an internal and external skincare line, now known as Priya Apotheca. 

While the formulas were in development Lori was still treating patients which included soon to be Priya CEO/Co-Founder, Tracy Brown.  After 20 years in advertising, marketing, and director representation Tracy felt drawn to a deeper calling, a holistic purpose that was in service to women.  With that she joined as partner and CEO. Lori, however, eventually made the difficult but necessary decision to leave and pursue her life’s calling to support women’s healing through spiritual growth.

Priya continues to grow and thrive through the loving care of Judit and Tracy and continues the mission of reminding women that their beauty is the sum of who they are, starting with their skin…



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