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Zoom Illuminating Eye With Hemp CBD, Hyaluronic Acid, and Red Algae. Reduce skin inflammation
Zoom Illuminating Eye With Hemp CBD, Hyaluronic Acid, and Red Algae. Reduce skin inflammation


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The eyes are the window to the soul.

Start your day with a silky and cooling, revitalizing roll-on designed to instantly refresh tired eyes while also cultivating long term benefits. Illuminate your gateway with vitamin and mineral rich Red Algae, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten the eye area while Green Tea is known for reducing puffiness and dark circles.  Edelweiss improves circulation to speed up skin cell production while Sea Kelp helps to tighten the skin.  Finally the powerful combination of Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid increases hydration and collagen production to prevent and soften fine lines.  Our essence imparts a youthful, bright glow that will have you seeing the beauty of your world through vibrant eyes. 

Formulated for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Contains no fragrant or sensitizing ingredients, and absorbs quickly leaving no sticky residue.   


  • Reduces puffiness
  • Brightens the eye area
  • Recharges and hydrates 
  • Tightens skin
  • Helps soften fine lines
  • Soothes and refreshes


*Recommended for All Skin Types, Including Sensitive Skin.

*For a full explanation of what each ingredient does and why it is in our products, consult our INGREDIENT GLOSSARY.


Red Algae - Packed with nutrients including beta-carotene, lutein peptides, and amino acids for water retention and added hydration. Helps shield the skin from pollutants by forming a flexible film that is known as a “second skin effect” to maintain a smooth, hydrated appearance.

Sea KelpRich in vitamins and minerals that help soothe and reduce sensitivity, while its amino acids protect the cell’s membranes, maintain skin's natural balance, promote hydration while gently tighten skin.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 -  polypeptide with clinical proven efficacy in reducing puffy eyebags. Designed to improve microcirculation, help reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eye area. A humectant that has calming, soothing, hydrating, and firmness-enhancing benefits.

Hyaluronic Acid (SLMW) - Known to hold 1000x its weight in water, HA is one of the most powerful moisturizing agents to plump skin and add a strong dose of hydration. Using a super low molecular weight HA improves its ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.  

Ginkgo Biloba - Used for centuries in Asia for itchiness, rosacea, and skin infections. Rich in flavonoids and terpenes with potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties attributed to cell regeneration, blood capillary protection, and photo (blue light, UV) protection. Our Ginkgo extract is ECOCERT and certified COSMOS.

Green Tea Leaf - Possesses potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties and shows significant promise for improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. A mild astringent that can tighten pores, smooth skin, reduce irritation, and a cell-protecting function as well.

Chamomile - Considered one of the most ancient and versatile medicinal herbs known to mankind. Contains a high level of terpenoids and flavonoids that help to decrease inflammation, speed up cell regeneration, reduce fine lines, soothe skin, and improve the speed of damaged skin to heal.

Edelweiss - The queen of the alps is a powerful antioxidant that helps to build skin’s resilience to stay firm and supple. Protects skin cells and allows them to replenish and rebuild sun-damaged skin, reduce loss of moisture, and have a balancing effect on oily skin.


The Sensorial Experience 

Scent: Because this offering is for the sensitive eye area, no scent was added. Yet there is a very light, clean, and slightly floral scent that comes naturally from the ingredients.  

Feel: It’s a light feeling, unlike a gel, cream, or oil.  Due to being an essence, it takes on an almost water-like feel which is lightweight, silky smooth, clean, and fast-absorbing leaving no residue.  Designed to wear under make-up.

*The Roller Ball Bonus: What we feel and often hear is not only how fun it is to use but that it’s an ultra cooling and soothing experience. Storing in the refrigerator increases this. The rollerball can help to evenly distribute the product and can stimulate blood flow to the face. It may also help to better depuff the area by stimulating lymphatic drainage, while also delivering the product deeper into your skin. 

*Made for Sensitive Skin

Ingredients - Water (Aqua); Red Algae (Chondrus Crispus) Extract; Sea Kelp (Macrocystis Pyrifera) Extract; Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5; Cannabis Sativa Extract; Sodium Hyaluronate; Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract; Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Leaf Extract; Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract; Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum) Extract; Panthenol; Allantoin; Glycerin; Xanthan Gum; Sodium Phytate; Citric Acid; Sodium Citrate; Phenylethyl Alcohol; Caprylhydroxamic Acid; 


$43.50 Regular price $58.00

How To Use

Sacred Self Care 

WHEN TO USE: The eye area is more sensitive than other parts of your face; the skin is more delicate and of course its close proximity to your eyes. So it's important to look for products that do not contain any essential oils or fragrances.  Eye products are best used after cleansing and toning, and either before or after your serum.  

HOW TO USE: Always shake well before use! Then gently roll on under eye as well as above the eye to evenly distribute the product and get the blood flowing. Then tap into the skin with gentle energy of self compassion and love flowing from your fingertips.  As the essence quickly dries, focus and give thanks to the uniqueness of your face and all of the beauty it holds.  It's also a good time to repeat the intention below. Once dry, continue on with your regimen starting with serums/treatments.  Applying consistently everyday supports the benefits, especially the overall brightening.

*Made for sensitive skin. 

*Perfect to be worn underneath make-up.

The Self Love Intention - “I see the truth in the power of love reflected in the world around me.”

Ingredients We Don't Use

Pharmacist and herbalist formulated, we adhere to the strongest standards of safety and do not use well over 1,400 ingredients. Read about our obsessive Clean Beauty stance.

To name a few: Phenoxyethanol, EDTA, Synthetic fragrances and flavors, PEG’s, Parabens, Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA), Formaldehyde, GMO ingredients, Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP and others), Petroleum and Mineral Oils, and Butylated compounds.  We strongly encourage reading more on this here.


If You Have Any Questions

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions. We want to make sure you and your skin are loving our products and are here to help in any way we can.

Return Policy

We want you to love your products so please reach out to us with any questions. If you are not, we will do everything we can to make it right.

We are unable to process returns at this time due to the nature of our natural products. However all purchases within 45 days will be issued a merchandise credit for unopened products.

To receive your merchandise credit, returned items must be unused and in the same condition in which it was received, and in the original packaging. Once received, a credit will immediately be generated.

Shipping Policy

We create our offerings lovingly in small batches to ensure the ultimate freshness and efficacy.

We offer standard free shipping on all orders over $50. This goes out via USPS Priority Mail. If needed sooner or prefer the service of UPS we offer both standard ground and 2nd day air.

Our packages are hand assembled in Los Angeles and need 1-2 days to complete. Then shipping is normally anywhere from 3 to 7 days after that.

Are your products clean, safe for the planet, and conscious?

Additionally, we use the absolute highest
standards for deciding which ingredients we both put and omit in our
products. We consult the Environmental Working Group for all of our
ingredient inclusions. This is a standard we take very seriously, and
always will. We also believe in transparency and strongly recommend
following this link to learn more about our clean beauty ethos and a
glossary of every one of our ingredients.

I have sensitive skin. Will your products work for me?

We have formulated these products to be the gentle and soothing. For
many of our customers it has made their skin less sensitive which is
likely due to the anti-inflammatory nature of many of the ingredients.

Can I use Priya with some of my current products?

You can absolutely combine them with other products you love! At Priya
we hold space for these moments of self care to become a beautiful
ritual that is unique to you.

What about sunscreen?

We do not put sunscreen in our products and therefore recommend applying
those products separately. Wait a few minutes after Priya products are
absorbed into the skin and then apply sunscreen on top.

How do these products feel on my skin?

Our goal is to provide the most effective form of skincare and yet leave
your skin feeling clean and fresh. Therefore, our products feel
weightless, and absorb quickly. So you can apply with a lighter touch.

Are your products handmade?

They are! Priya co-founder and formulator, Judit Konrad, handcrafts
everything in small batches so we can use the freshest ingredients
possible to make the most effective products. But that’s not all - it’s
important to note that each batch receives loving attention through
mantras that are sung to the batch as it’s being made, and then receive a
Tibetan sound bath afterwards.

Please note that due to this process and the natural nature of the products there may be slight variances from batch to batch.

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Absolutely! Additionally they are non GMO and gluten free.

What else should I know about Priya and your formulas?

She has spent over a year of research and
development for each product that has been repeated and improved to
discover the optimal levels for skin benefits. CBD is quite new to the
market and there is little research on amount that benefits skin. So we
took time and effort to find the best ratio in each product. Please
click here to learn about the meticulous CBD process we use.


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