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We are deeply connected to our planet.

Although we’ve been taught that we are separate, humans are deeply entwined with the planet. The fact is we depend on her health for our own survival. It is time for all of us, especially companies, to look at our footprint and take responsibility for the negative impact of our actions. Here at Priya, we do all we can to bring her radical respect and care. This is at the core of our ethos.

In almost every case making a green and conscious decision is also the more expensive decision. Being a small, self funded company means we have some visions that financially just aren't possible - yet. That said, we have examined every step of the process and there is an enormous amount we can do now, and then future commitments. So we wanted to outline some of these to you.



  • We use UV protected Miron violet glass for our packaging. Recyclable with UV protection creating a longer shelf life and reduce UV rancidity, reducing waste.
  • We do not use outer boxes and instead use a recyclable and reusable multi purpose canvas cotton bags.
  • Secondary packaging, spatulas for the creme, and interior lids were avoided. 
  • We do not use plastic of any kind in any of our packaging.
  • We also chose a glass supplier that is here in the U.S. reducing the carbon shipping footprint. 
  • Our shipping boxes and all glass shipping materials  are all made of recycled and post-consumer cardboard.
  • Limited the inclusion of any paper literature that can be easily produced online. 



  • We have a very strict ingredient policy banning over 1,400 ingredients. We have never understood working with ingredients that have been deemed safe for the body yet run a risk to the environment. If it’s unsafe for the planet, it’s unsafe for the body, and vice versa. Our standards are in alignment with one of the leading watch dog agencies, the EWG (Environmental Working Group)
  • We will only work with vendors that do not use GMO’s, animal byproducts, or test on animals.
  • As much as we can now, and more so in the future we will be focusing on partners that utilize regenerative farming practices.

In The Future

  • Recycling program for the packaging. Until then we strongly encourage recycling all packaging in your home program.

  • Printing on the bottle, versus having labels to save our trees.

  • Becoming a Certified B Corp. 


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