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Our Process

Energy Imbued

The restorative synergy of scientifically-selected ingredients comprise the backbone of our skin-care formulas, but it is our activation process that truly brings our formulas to life, creating a deeper benefit for you.

Our universe at every scale is in motion, constantly vibrating. For centuries these high-vibrational frequencies have been leveraged globally for holistic internal and external healing. It’s this exact philosophy which inspires our unique approach to rejuvenation. Each one of our products undergoes a sacred energy ceremony incorporating Sanskrit mantras, reiki energy, and crystal and Tibetan bowl sound healing.  Infusing our offerings with a high, healing frequency. 


Water is not a Filler

Some beauty conventions dismiss water as a “filler” ingredient, but this is a misconception that we passionately dispel. To us, if water is a filler, then it is a filler for life. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and our skin, closer to 64%, it is our body’s main source of hydration and a key component to our formulas. Our biologically equipped water-soluble active ingredients allow our products to absorb more deeply into your pores, for more effective results.

Additionally, water has the unique ability to receive, store and share information via changes in its molecular structure, making it the ideal conduit to transport the powerful vibrational frequencies of our energy ceremonies into your skin. This intentional marriage of the physical and energetic components of our brand is what makes our skincare offerings so unique yet highly effective.



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